If I’m honest (and those who know me say I’m honest to a fault), I haven’t truly meal planned in ages.  Sure I’ve looked at the calendar and guessed here and there.  Setting out at the first of the week to plan all of our meals?  Just hasn’t happened. 

Life is busy and stressful.  And I’m lazy.  And don’t enjoy cooking.  (Since we’re already on the honest train.)

I am going to make a concentrated effort to get back at it though.  We’ve got a full pantry of things that need to be consumed and our grocery budget has been gradually creeping up month after month because of my laziness.

One awesome new change, is the addition of an extra cook in the house.  Jay has taken over Tuesday/Thursday food responsibilities.  I love being able to come home from work and just crash (or get straight to laundry/cleaning the bathrooms/dusting/etc.)

This change has come at the cost of healthy eating, but I just don’t care.  I’m falling back on many of the tried and true easy dinners I use to fix a few years ago when we were first married.  For this week, time to make a plan!

Monday: Chicken Helper
I toss in some frozen broccoli to make it stretch a bit further.
Tuesday: Cheddar Brats
Jay’s one request to taking over some of the dinner responsibilities is that I buy things at the store easy for him to prepare.
Wednesday: Ham sandwiches
I’m doing a Knoxville Track Club social run that evening.  If we don’t stop by Barley’s for dinner following the run, I’ll just make sandwiches when I get home.  Add a pepper jack cheese, a hamburger bun, and a toaster over and all of a sudden sandwiches seem yummy!
Thursday: Pizza
Jay’s perfecting the art of frozen pizza on the grill.
Friday: Baked Ravioli
I’m uber lazy with this one: some frozen ravioli, a jar of spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese.

What are some of your go-to meal ideas when you don’t feel like cooking?