The first round of my dad’s garden didn’t take (he blames Jay), so he had to plant another round.  While everyone else’s were getting scorched by record setting 100+ temps, Daddy’s garden version 2.0 was still protected.  The rains that followed the harsh temperatures took care of the rest.

This is a picture of a monster zucchini Jay brought home from his office last year.  He placed his hand in the photo to give reference to the size so I could tell him how many I wanted him to bring home.

While the stockpile of veggies being brought into work (zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers) is starting to die off, my parents are just now hitting pay dirt.  For the past week I’ve gotten regular deliveries of cucumbers, tomatoes (to freeze, I only like them cooked), jalapenos, banana peppers, okra, and (already cooked) green beans!

Unfortunately, my dad found raccoon prints leading to his not-yet-ripe corn, but Jay and I have some left in the freezer from last year.  (We probably should get right on that shouldn’t we?)

I’m very thankful for:

  1. Coworkers who share.
  2. Parents with the resources to garden.
  3. Parents with the health to garden.
  4. Parents who share.
  5. Free food!!!

What are you thankful for this week?