The title of the book – Break-Through: When to Give In, How to Push Back. The Moment that Changes Everything by Tim Clinton and Pat Springle – gave me high hopes for directives regarding Godly relationships.  I wanted a checklist of “when to give in” and clear instructions on “how to push back.” 

Instead I had my eyes opened to my own relational flaws.  Not so much a user manual as a case study on relationships and behaviors.  Going into the read with the wrong mindset, I must say I was disappointed with the first few chapters.  The only examples were extreme unhealthy relationships not found in my life – the over-bearing mother, the abusive boyfriend, and the like.

About half way through the book, I realized that my expectations were hampering my reading.  I readjusted my mindset and almost immediately began to glean helpful information from the book.  Instead of reading to “fix” others in my life, I became aware of damaging, albeit minor, behaviors of which I am guilty.  Examples include being too passive when my husband asks for my opinion and being too pushy when he doesn’t agree with my opinion.  (What can I say – I’m an eclectic personality.)

While the writing style was a bit too clinical for my preferences, it contains a lot of helpful information from which I think most people could benefit.  And benefit one of you shall…I’ve been given an extra copy of the book to share with one lucky bloggy friend (and get to selfishly keep my copy for myself)!

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Thanks to Worthy Publishing via Handlebar Marketing for providing me with a free copy of this book as well and a copy to give away.  Opinions expressed are my own.