Rather than discussing what I’ve done wrong this past week in my attempts to live missionally, I thought we would all be better served to discuss what we’ve seen others do right

I’ve had 2 very clear examples, one from someone very near and dear to me.  The other is a complete stranger.

When scheduling his hair appointment (his niece owns a salon), Joyce asked how the family was going.  Being the king of over-share (yes, like father like daughter) he launched into his knee woes, my mother’s need for arthroscopic surgery, my Mamaw’s fall and subsequent shoulder problems – all as a stressor on top of the big deal of Zach’s cancer diagnosis/treatment.

A couple of days ago, Joyce called the house and asked my dad to stop by her shop.  The lady who’s hair she was doing had overheard them talking about Zach’s cancer diagnosis and wanted to do something to help.  Instead of the trite “I’ll be praying for him” she put her faith into action.  While praying for him, she made Zach a prayer quilt – a gift both practical and thoughtful in nature.

Every time he takes the quilt to a chemo treatment, or wraps up in it at home, Zach has literal proof of the love and prayers by which he’s being surrounded.

Another touching example of faith in action I witnessed at a funeral this past Monday.  For several years, a local attorney struggled with a rare blood disorder.  I attended his funeral on Monday with my mother.  She had worked with him, and counted him among her friends.  After he became ill, even after moving to another state to await a transplant, she kept in touch. 

As we walked through the line, I watched as my mother introduced herself and I watched as the expressions on the faces of each of the family members changed.  Each time, their face went from the blank look of a mourning family accepting generic condolences, to a look of recognition and appreciation.  Repeatedly, they thanked my mother for being a good friend and source of support.

My friends, that is what living missionally is all about.  In what ways have you witnessed the love of Christ in action?