Don’t worry, I’m not promoting drinking first thing in the morning.  If I were going to do that, it would definitely be on a Monday!  Instead I want to talk about helpful tips as found on the Internet.  I’ve had a couple here lately, so I thought we could have a little chat and share with one another the best of the best.

I’m probably missing the boat by not signing up for Pinterest, but I’m afraid of adding yet another time suck to my life.  Today, will you bear with me and share links the old fashioned way – in the blog comments?

When I ran into problems cleaning the extra- large shower curtain surrounding our claw foot tub, I sought help via google search.  Thankfully I found a bunch of answers on yahoo, and scrolled through until I found the one that worked for me.

Given the set up, the curtain cannot be taken down completely to be replaced or even machine washed.  I followed one person’s advice and took down as much of the curtain as possible, then filled the tub up with warm bleach water.  I let it soak for an hour or so.  No scrubbing was required yet the curtain looked practically brand new!

Thank you random Internet search answer person!!

Last year, my father had an abundance of tomatoes in his garden.  I don’t like fresh tomatoes, but I do a lot of canned ‘maters in my cooking.  I found a detailed tutorial on how to freeze tomatoes.  The work is easy, but it does create a mess.  I only got about 3 servings last year using this method, but got almost 10 this year.  I even cut up garden jalapenos to add in to a couple of the freezer bags for chili.

Thank you home grown blogger person!!

What great Internet tip have you tried/liked recently?