Not sure how it came up in conversation, but Jay tried to imitate the way my Papaw always answers the phone: quick on the first part, emphasis on the “low” syllable.  Out of the blue it hit me how blessed I was Jay knows how my Grandfather answers the phone.
1) He calls my Papaw on the phone.  2) A month away from 80, my Papaw is not only still alive, but still working with his cattle on the farm.

Saturday (after “failing” my race as my mother so delicately put it) I learned that my brother-in-law successfully navigated the San Fransisco Bay to complete the Escape from Alcatraz relay event.  He and a buddy flew out there to compete – he swam the frigid 1.5 miles and his buddy completed the 7 mile run. 

My sister calls our racing (and our dad’s devotion to being a high school football referee) “dumb assery” but I feel blessed to have a BIL who understands my love of racing and supports me every step of the way.


I know I’ve used this one before, but I’m always thankful for a Sunday afternoon nap when I have the chance to get one.  This particular nap lasted for 3 1/2 hours.  I woke up at 7PM, yet was still tired enough to be in bed asleep by 11PM.  I definitely needed some extra rest!

MondayCycling Class

After Saturday’s triathlon debacle, it felt nice to hop on that spin bike and power through a 400+ calorie burn.

Tuesday Movie Night

Jay rarely wants to go to the movies (a waste of money he says) so I am thankful when he find a movie he deems worth of watching in the theater.  He chose The Campaign – a little on the vulgar side, but definitely had a few good chuckles.

WednesdayCoffee creamer

I’m dealing with allergies or a cold and my throat is raw and sore.  A yummy coffee creamer makes even the sludge the serve at work drinkable.

ThursdayHot Apple Cider

(see Wednesday)

What have you been thankful for this past week?