We’re almost half way through the month, so I feel like a slacker for only now finding the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans’ Mindful September chart.  The list is broken up into days, each with a different way to nourish your mind/spirit/emotions. 

I love the ideas, which are a good mix of taking time for myself along with thinking about how to help others.  September 6th was “volunteer” – I find that volunteer work often helps me as much as I help others.  Nothing like a health dose of perspective about the abundance most of us live in (be it food, clothing, or shelter) as taking a few hours one evening to serve the homeless.

“Take a bubble bath” was a day that I missed.  I love taking a soak in my claw foot tub, but I rarely take the time to actually do it.  Perhaps I’ll start today and then follow this list through the 12th of October? I’m sure Jay can tell you – I’m a much nicer person to him and anyone around me when I’m not wound up and stressed.  Taking care of me helps him too.

Read a book, sleep in, call an old friend – all free things (assuming you have a library card and already have access to a phone) we can do and be better for it.  Hopefully I’ll get to blog about how a few of the daily “tasks” changed me, but no promises mkay?

Have you been following along for Mindful September?  How have you made some one’s day a bit brighter this past week?