I’m sick.  Again.  This is really starting to get old.  Of course looking back over my week, maybe I’m not being as kind to myself as I should have been.

Wednesday – Hard training run outside on the Knoxville Green way, despite tickle cough.
Thursday – Cough moved into my chest – took day off from exercise, went to work
Friday – Took day off from exercise AND work
Saturday – REST
Sunday – Skipped church, but went for a walk
Monday – Worked, did elliptical at lunch
Tuesday – Went to the allergist who diagnosed my allergies as out of control, gave me steroid meds (nose spray & inhaler) upped my allergy pill dosage, and gave me a breathing treatment.
Wednesday – Ran 4 miles worth of intervals at lunch on the treadmill, 6 miles outside after work (yeah, I’m that dumb)
Thursday/Friday – Worked, but took day off from exercise
Saturday – Mud run (outside.  in a field.  full of stuff I’m allergic to)
Sunday – REST (if you count playing with an 8 year old and a 4 year old as rest)
Monday – 5 mile run.  Outside.  In the park.  Through some grass.  That’s I’m allergic to)
Tuesday – Day off exercise AND work.  Worried about my 11 miler this weekend.

My half marathon is in 4 weeks.  Any suggestions how I can easy back into things without pissing my body off??