Last October, my bloggy friend Marla hosted a “31 Days ofPurging” series.  I didn’t actively participate last year, but have come to the point I realize I desperately need to.  Our home is currently on the real estate market.  My hope is that moving will be fairly easy and painless when our house goes in contract.  I fear, however, the big move will be scattered and unnerving.

Add to that a control freak/perfectionist’s worst nightmare – not being able to find something in my house.  I try to keep everything in perfect order.  Even when everything isn’t tidy (Jay’s fault I promise!), there is still a place for everything and everything in its place. 

Picture it – Tennessee, late September.  A 30 something woman awakes on a rainy day to get ready for work.  Much to her dismay, her one and only umbrella is at the office.  Didn’t I buy a new one just a few weeks ago?  She thinks to herself.  Where did I put those sunglasses I got the same day?  She wonders.  In her search, she finds part of her sister’s birthday present in the closet.  CRAP! I finished her pressie off the same day.

I have searched my house and have been unable to find the following: 1 brand new pair of sunglasses, 1 brand new umbrella, 1 brand new _______ (just in case she’s reading this).  Sounds like an episode of hoarders if you ask me.  I’ve got so much stuff, I can’t find what I need.  Its honestly not that bad, but still unacceptable to me.

Lucky for me, we’re starting a new month today.  For the month of October I pledge to:

·        Purge 1 clothing item per day

·        Purge 1 non-clothing item per day

·        Sort through what I have and put what I’m keeping in working order

·        Pack up seasonal items that won’t be needed until after we’ve moved into the cabin

·        Re-evaluate my purchases.  Spending is a big part of the “too much stuff” equation.

Care to join me?