I’m copying Marla for this blog series.  I know it, she knows it, and as long as you all know it, I think we’re good.  After all I’m not blogging a “how-to” but rather one of accountability for me.   A purging memoir if you will.

 A few of you (yes, Amy, Jaime & Mari I’m looking at you) mentioned joining me for this project.  I hope that you do!  If anyone participates and wants to guest blog about the experience please let me know!

In her into, Marla gave 10 “getting started” guides, then encouraged her readers to choose 3.  I’ve got all month, why not tackle them all?

1. Take all the books off one shelf, any shelf.

I have a lot of books – some decorative, some informational, others just fun reading.  I have so many books, we had these beautiful bookshelves built.  We have a free standing bookshelf full in the living room, and a box of books a friend of my mother’s gave me in my car.  Clearly this is an issue that needs addressing.

2. Empty your big kitchen utensil drawer (or crock or whatever).

I have both.  That’s a problem isn’t it?  I need at least 2 of everything; one for my non-stick cookware and one for the rest.  I’m rationalizing already.  Awesome.

3. Go through your socks/underwear/bras.

Some friends of mine and I were talking about this one just the other day.  Are you watching that show Revolution?  15 years after the blackout, they are still wearing their same clothing.  Lessons learned?  I don’t want to have to raid someone else’s pantie drawer if the crap hits the fan (both literally and figuratively).  It’s 3 tiny drawers, can “plenty” in this department really be that bad?

4. Look through your CD and/or DVD collection. Choose 5 that you never watch/listen to. Give them a new home.

I actually did this one last year, when we were prepping to put our rental cabin on the market.  The DVDs we didn’t care as much for went to the cabin.  I honestly haven’t been there in so long I’m not sure if they are still there.

PSA: When staying at a rental cabin, please don’t steal.  Even though Night at the Museum 2 made there “to-the-cabin” list and your kids really liked it, its still someone else’s personal property.  I truly wish this went without saying.  Sadly it doesn’t.

5. Do you collect something?

Pressed pennies.  Race medals.

 I figure even if I have 100 pressed pennies they’ll still take up very little space in the top drawer of my night stand.  As for race medals, I scored. them the hard way.  I wanna keep them.  I do kinda feel selfish when I hear about Medal for Metal visiting the Children’s Hospital in the area, but not guilty enough to give mine away.

I’m exhausted and I haven’t started the real work yet.  However I am loving that 2 days in a row I’ve determined the pair of dress slacks I wore each day to work belong in the “too big” bin. 

Let’s address the remaining 5 items tomorrow, shall we?

Purge totals: 2 pair of dress slacks, 1 pair of shorts, 1 top