Purged List
·        2 shorts
·        3 pants
·        2 shirts
·        Expired Meds
·        Mini sewing kit
·        Hair doodles
·        1 CD
·        2 books

That puts me 2 items behind on my clothing amounts and 3 items behind on the “other.”  Besides the upstairs bathroom sinks, I feel like I haven’t really purged anything.  The rest was just separated out as I have naturally come across each item. 

 I’ve got a super busy week this week.  Tonight is a memorial service for Jay’s former boss.  Tomorrow is the Socialites Homecoming run.  Thursday/Friday will be packing/traveling to watch the Ohio Bobcats take on the Akron Zips (WTH?). 
In order to not fall further behind, I need to be intentional about setting aside 1 item daily, rather than just assuming my cumulative grand total should be 31 at the end of the month.

I know some of you all are purging this month too – feel free to leave you link in the comments or let us know how its going!