I feel like I’m just now catching up from the weekend!  Unfortunately it was a regular ole 2-day weekend, but I slogged through yesterday by the skin of my teeth.  Jay & I drove 6 hours to West Virginia Friday after work to meet up with his parents.  Saturday, the 4 of us drove another 1+ hour to southern Ohio to watch the Ohio Bobcats take on the Akron Zips*.

Jay’s parents had purchased the tickets (and bought our dinner/drinks that evening) for Jay’s birthday coming up next week.  He’s an OU alum and a big fan of all things Bobcat.  After Saturday’s game, the team is 7-0 and finally broke into the top 25. 

I blame this trip for my lack of purging over the weekend.  Although I will give props to his parents for thinking outside the box.  I love consumables as a gift.  We all have too much stuff laying around.  Better to give a gift which can be enjoyed together.  Long after a DVD becomes old, a CD gets scratched, a book is lost, or a pair of jeans becomes threadbare, we’ll still have great memories of this game. 

That’s an Citizens Bank first down!  RAWR

*Yes, that is the most ridiculous mascot ever.  Giving us OU fans easy ammo for the game time smack talk.