I love running the same race back to back years.  I always feel like it’s a great comparison for how far I’ve come as a runner.  Since I’m running the Haunted Half Marathon in Kingsport again this year, I wanted to review last year’s results.

One of the most fun parts of this race is dressing in costume.  I had purchased a vintage 1980s leotard to wear with leg warmers and tights for the race, but backed out at the last minute.  I hadn’t lost weight like I had hoped and knew I wouldn’t feel comfortable for 13 miles with my pudge hanging out.

My dad’s referee shirt came in handy, because the week of the race I came down with the crud.  My trusty rescue inhaler and a wad of tissues fit nicely into the front pocket of the shirt.  While I feel like breathing issues did slow me down somewhat, I was still excited to achieve a 4 minute PR for 13.1 miles.
2:23:11.1 Gun Time
2:22:48.9 Chip time
511/641 overall
45/58   10:55

This round of training I’ve been having a difficult time pinning down goals for this race.  My ultimate goal is to manage a sub 2 hour half marathon time, but I don’t think that’s realistic to expect this race.  My training paces have been fast (probably too fast for our long runs) but my training buddy and I have really pushes ourselves to the limits. 

Our last long run was an 8 mile pace run (we were aiming for 9:30) and averaged 9:35.  We were slowed down by a headwind and some hills.  Hills won’t be a factor this race.  Who knows about the weather! Our longest run was a 12 miler at a 9:41 pace.

Originally my goals for the race were:

1)      A PR

2)      Sub 10 m/m pace

However, it looks like (baring anything unforeseen) both of those should happen tomorrow.  I reset my goal for a 9:45 pace.  Given the 12 miler, it looks like I may not be shooting high enough even with that.  Dare I hope for a 9:30? 

I’m breaking a cardinal rule of racing – I’ve never ran in my costume.  I did dance in the head piece, so I know I can make it stay put, but will it affect wind resistance?  Will the tutu be difficult to run in?  This won’t be my first tutu race, but the first/only other was a 5K. 

I look forward to bringing back a full report next week!  Do you have fun plans for the weekend?