Last weekend my cousin got married in an outdoor ceremony.  The wedding theme was a Halloween carnival, and the guests were encouraged to come in costume.  The bridal party waited until the reception to change, while the rest of us donned our gear throughout the evening.

I changed up a bit my costume from the Haunted Half marathon and went as Maleficent.

My mother dressed as an Indian. 

Cowboy Dad opted out of photos, but I managed to snag one of him later.
Both the backdrop and their decor were gorgeous.

They even had extra costumes available so those who didn’t dress up could join in the fun.
Aunt Betty rockin’ the coconut bra
I figured what better day than Halloween to share with you some of the fun costumes!
Obviously these people don’t watch Once Upon A Time for the real story.
The Head & Shoulders football player and her boyfriend.  (They caught the bouquet/garter later in the evening.)
Have you attended any Halloween parties this year? 
Seen any good costumes?