I was doing so well posting my #dailythanks …until I wasn’t.  Blame my lack of social media time, a busy life, or an ungrateful heart.  I’m really not sure why I haven’t done better this past week about expressing my thanks.  No time like the present to make up for it.
15. $10 hair cuts.
I get my hair cut at Hillbilly Hair 5 minutes from my work.  Not only are the cuts inexpensive, she’s good.  After throwing in a 50% tip, I’m still out the door for half the price of my previous stylist AND I like the cut better.  Win/win!!
16. My cousin Zach getting incredible news at his doctor’s appointment. 
Only 2 more chemo treatments and he’ll be DONE!  The doctor even commented that Zach is the first time he’s ever seen someone gain weight (looking at the pictures you’ll see why that’s a good thing) during a successful chemo treatment. 
17. 12 hours of sleep.
Followed by 2 more hours of doing nothing but laying in bed playing on the computer. nothing will force me up this morning save a dead computer battery, overwhelming hunger for breakfast/coffee, or the urge to pee.
The next 3 days I forgot to post, but I can go back and fill in the blanks.  Now that I look, 3 days isn’t as much of an epic fail as I had originally thought.
18. My mama
My family took advantage of $5 Sevier Co. days at Dollywood on Sunday.  My mother doesn’t ride roller coasters, but she was more than willing to go to the park with us and hang out while we rode the Wild Eagle and hung from Adventure Mountain.  When my sister and I were kids, my mom was always patient at amusement parks when Daddy, Kelly, and I would leave her on a bench while we had fun. 
19.  Allergy shots
Admittedly, they are no fun.  But a decade ago when I wasn’t on allergy immunotherpy, I spent the winter battling one illness after another.  One particular bout with bronchitis was so severe it left me with a bruised rib.  I’m thankful for a great allergist, and a body that responds well to allergy shots.
20. Free Kindle downloads
Now that I have a library full of ebooks, I’m more selective in what I will download/read.  I’ve really enjoyed the last couple of Kindle books I’ve read and look forward to reading more by the authors.
21. (as posted on Facebook) Obviously I am a “daily thanks” failure. Day 21 – Grace and mercy to start each day with a clean slate!
What are you thankful for this week?