Sarah Farish set out to tell God’s story – from the perspective of 30 different women, one each day in November.  Over the weekend, she shared His story as lived by me.  I’d love for you to pop over and take a look.

My life is the American Dream. My husband and I are hopeless romantics. We have 2.5 houses and a community pool. With no children (of the regular or furry variety) to care for, we can pick up and go whenever we take a notion. I have a relatively easy job with excellent benefits; he is a real estate agent bringing home the big bucks. (Or no bucks, whichever way the game of straight commission sales is going on any given month.)

And if I’m honest, I’m rarely grateful for any of it.

I want to be a missionary, but God won’t let me. Or rather, I want to live the glamorous side of the missionary life – being bold and on fire for Him, traveling to exotic places, not getting trapped in the humdrum, first-world American life.

Instead I am called to live on mission, the one playing out in Smalltown, Tennessee every day…