A few months ago, I finally snapped out of my eating frenzy and started to lose weight.  My appetite was curbed (probably due to my new medication) and I lost around 10 pounds fairly easily.  Now its starting to creep up (I blame vacation + holidays) and I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve found.  In fact, I want to lose about 10 more pounds (from where I am – about 6 from where I was at my lowest this time around.

This photo has nothing to do with this blog,
but it was a gorgeous hike and I wanted to include a picture in this post. 

I’ve noticed I’m not alone.  Bari posted today about her return to blogging her weight journey and the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans is currently hosting “The Great Maintenance Challenge.”  I think for the holiday season (Thanksgiving stretching through New Years) the pressure of losing gets overwhelming and I end up going the opposite direction. 

So……..its time to get back where I was a couple of months ago.  I’m not just talking about a 133 weigh in, but smarter food choices.  Smaller portions.  Being mindful about my hunger.  Less calories wasted to beverages (be it carbonated or fermented).  Truly savoring my food and not just consuming it.  Liking who I see in the mirror – with or without the extra pounds.

Current weight: 137

Do you have any tried and true ways of avoiding holiday weight gain?  Do tell!!