Less a race report and more a pictorial recap, I wanted to share with you images from the Santa Hustle event I did this weekend.  Several friends of mine and I signed up for the 5K.  At the first of the week we decided to be festive.  Since we’re all different run paces, we decided to walk the event together and just be festive.
Yes, the beard is on my nose.  I couldn’t get it to stay and he was in a hurry to take the picture.  Yes, I have bigger legs than all 3 of the other girls combined.  Yes, I’m wearing snowman socks. 
Any more questions?
The “beachy” quality to my hair is because Kelly and I met before the race (in the 6 o’clock hour) to run 4 miles before meeting up with the rest of the crew.  Only my hair looked ridiculous in the hat and beard while also pulled back into a ponytail.
Hot chocolate in hand, we lined up behind the start (appropriately placed toward the back so no runners would get pissed off at us being in their way.)
The start line was packed and we were glad that we wouldn’t be racing this event.  I always struggle with positioning and having to pass people early on in races.  Instead, we enjoyed chocolate covered cherries at the candy station set up around the half mile marker on the course.
We also partook of the cookie station later on in the course (and on the way back – given the out and back nature of the event.)  Our time was certainly not a PR (48:12) but thanks to good friends and the Jango Bell Rock music station it certainly was a good time. 
Checking in for the Great Maintenance Challenge
Challenge starting weight: 137
Current weight: 135.6
The magic number this time around is *133.2 so anything above that is just bouncing around the holiday bloat.  As long as I stay in this general area for the rest of the year I’ll be happy.  Come January though, I’d like to see a 2 as the middle number of my weight.

*Found the actual weight in my records.  From 10/21.

How are you doing this holiday season?  Still keeping up with your exercise program despite the busyness of the season?  Saying no to one-to-many desserts or extra drinks?