Once again I’m late.  Everyone else got on the One Thousand Gifts train last year, and I’m just now boarding…

You know what they say – better late than pregnant!  So here I am making a list of all the gifts in my life I am thankful for.  I’ll spare you having to listen to them all, but I’m surprised at how easily they come to me.  I’m at number 286 and I’ve not been doing this a month.

4) Rain pinging against a tin roof
19) Bookshelves full of my husband’s love for me
44) Thank you note from a coworker which made me laugh
53) Hands to serve
67) Attending church with my parents
84) MIL’s snicker doodle cookies
102) Excel training plans
120) Pay-day Friday
159) New authors suggested by a friend
160) Asthma medication as a “luxury” rather than needed to live
192) Obnoxious laughter with my sister’s little man about a picture which looks like my father
202) Allergy shots
219) Flannel sheets on a cold night
243) “Still I know He’ll be right there beside me” ~ Leaning (Everlasting Arms) choir special

What are you thankful for today?  This week?  This year?