I have got to get back into the meal planning routine.  I’ve been almost as slack at is as blogging!  What’s better than mixing them together for a little accountability? 

I actually did my plan this weekend, but forgot to blog it…so here goes!

Sunday: Fast food

I worked church both Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  Hit the drive through on the way home.  I’m thinking about designating this as Jay’s 2nd night of the week to take care of dinner. 

Monday: Baked chicken & veggies

This one I planned well enough to have the chicken thawed in the fridge by the time it went into the oven last night.  I was exhausted from insomnia the night before, so it wasn’t the greatest time for me to bake extra to freeze.  However I had 4 huge split breasts (ewww – never going the bone-in route again!) and 2 of them needed to be pulled after dinner.  The plus side is I have 3 servings of frozen chicken for future use.

Tuesday: Veggisaurus chili

Not sure where I got the recipe for this, or I’d link it but I have tweaked it along the way.  I use whatever bean I have on hand (tonight its black beans) and whatever green vegetables which are in the fridge (green peppers and zucchini).  I’ve already got it in the crock-pot, so we can eat whenever we take a notion this evening.

Wednesday: Jay’s night

Every other Wednesday, I head to Knoxville to meet up with the KTC Socialites for a group run then dinner to follow.  Kelly & I also try to once a month volunteer at the Lost Sheep “under the bridge” ministry.   All that to say, I’m rarely home early enough to actually cook.

Thursday: Breakfast for dinner

Scrambled eggs, peppers & onions, sausage, and biscuits!

Friday: Cheesy rice and beans

I’m trying to eat from our pantry as much as possible before we move, so I’m not sure I have the diced tomatoes with green chilies the recipe calls for (used a can in today’s chili), but if not I’ll use a can of diced tomatoes and a can of green chilies.  Close enough right?

All this food talk reminds me – I owe y’all a “Justus potatoes” recipe.  I’ve never made them so I’ll do some homework (aka call my mom) and post it next week.

What’s on your menu this week?