Earlier in the week, Jay took out the trash. 

We tend to collect it, since “taking it out” actually means loading it up into a vehicle and hauling it to the dump.  Our outside container was full, we had 2 large black bags of “clean” (aka not smelly) garbage in the mud room, and our kitchen container was filled to the brim. 

I finished the milk that morning, and placed the empty jug on the floor beside the kitchen trash.  Apparently he didn’t see it, because he emptied both cans and took them off along with the other bags and a couple of pizza boxes.

Over dinner, I commented on the milk jug which remained.  I tease him about his hoarding tendencies (shocking I know).  I asked him if he was saving it for a special reason – arts and crafts project perhaps?

Jay took my sarcasm and decided to turn it into a challenge – I would take the old milk jug and turn it into a fabulous Valentine’s Day gift for him.  Since I’m not crafty, I decided to consult the interwebs and came up with the following:


So, whatta ya think?  Which of these (or what combo) should I attempt?  Do you have any other creative ideas I could try?