You’d think it would be old hat, how to find my footing to climb back on the menu planning wagon, given how many times I’ve fallen off.  Yet here I sit.

This past week I’ve had much to be thankful for, even still I had a stressful, unpredictable week.  The result was a week of eating like crap.  3,000+ calories some days!  I even “carb loaded” for my 14 mile long run with Wendy’s: son of a baconator, fries, dr. pepper, and a frosty.  Needless to say, it was an ugly run.

All of that changes today.  Or rather Saturday.  I was careful with my food choices that evening, saving 800+ calories that I didn’t eat back from my run.  Good thing, because I went to a birthday party yesterday and ate back 600 of them. 

Starting today, all my meals (including snacks) will be pre-planned.  The grocery list is made and the oreos are in safe keeping.  Here goes!!

Monday: Oatmeal, biscuit/Greek yogurt/Protein shake/PB&J, chips/broccoli Alfredo
Tuesday: Cereal/fruit & almonds/meatloaf, veggies, potato casserole/protein shake/chicken tacos
Wednesday: Egg biscuit/Greek yogurt/chocolate milk/meatloaf, veggies, potato casserole/Jay’s choice
Thursday: Oatmeal, fruit/Greek yogurt/veggisaurus chili/protein shake/Stroganoff, green beans
Friday: Egg biscuit/fruit almonds/Out-to-lunch (w/mom)/Herb roasted chicken & rice, mixed veggies
Saturday: Lara bar/sports beans/chocolate milk, fruit, bagel/????????????????????????

We’re planning a 12-14 mile run on Saturday, so I’m leaving the afternoon/evening open to see where my hunger and social calendar take me.