I’m going to jump on yet another band wagon – the training blog weekly post!  Bari and Jaime are both doing this for their “A” races, and I thought it would be a great way to stay accountable and track my Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon* goals.

*Hence forward referred to as CHKM

My goals for the year include running a sub 2 hour half marathon and a really strong turn out in Knoxville.  Given the hills and the challenging nature of the course, I dare not hope for a sub 2 hour CHKM half.

Planned – Total Body weights class
Actual – rest

After running a 10 mile tempo on Sunday followed by a 12.5 mile strenuous hike on Monday, the ole muscles needed this break.

Planned – Social run
Actual – 5.5 in K-ville

Did most of this run solo (pacing was weird) and felt sluggish.  Stressed out from Daddy’s surgery on Tuesday and staying with him Wednesday night for my daughter-on-duty shift, I desperately needed this break.

Planned – Total Body weights class
Actual – 30 min walk

Saturday was a 10 mile race, and we wanted to rest our (still sore/tired from the hike) legs.  Still averaged quicker than a 15 m/m so this was no mall stroll!

Planned – rest
Actual – rest

Planned – Calhoun’s 10 miler
Actual – 14 mile training run

Due to the snow/ice “storm” on Friday the race officials cancelled this race.  Bummer, because I wanted to use this as a marker for a goal pace for the half in a couple of months.  Instead we ran 14 miles.  I fueled and hydrated VERY poorly, ended up walking some on the hills BUT still had my fastest 14 miles ever (and my 2nd best 13.1 time). 

Planned – rest
Actual – rest

Planned – 4 X 800 cruise intervals
Actual – Spin class

My training buddy and I had to shift our schedules around a bit and moved the intervals to today (keep me accountable for doing them after work m’kay?) so we hit the gym for a class.  Much needed quad work and an exhausting class.  High resistance for most of the class was a challenge, but when it felt impossible, I focused on pushing throw.  Slowing down is better than taking the resistance off (as far as my goals are concerned).

 Are you training for a spring race?  How’s it going?