This week, I’ve slowed down a bit recording my daily thanks.  I’ve been busy and tired, resulting in numbers 556-588.  Still *grabs calculator* that’s over 4 a day, not bad – even if “clean water to drink*” has made an appearance more than once on this list.  It counts again if I’m thankful for it again, right?

*Can you tell we ran out of bottled water at work? You would have thought a disaster had happened the way we all reacted.  We had to wait a whole day for the water people to bring us more.  Oh the humanity!

Here is a sampling of my thanks:

558) Carpooling with Jay
559) Kindle for PC – when Jay is late to pick me up from work
563) Heated blanket for the car
567) Early to bed
572) Spa specials
574) Another showing on the house
579) Means/opportunity to travel
588) Dry/warm clothing (post run)

What have you given God thanks for this week?