The fear this week has brought has made intentionally stopping to give thanks even more important.  At times, I had to dig deep.  Others popped in my mind without prompting.  On such a hard week, I’m thankful (maybe I should add it to my list :P) to be able to write down 833-886, acknowledging the goodness of the Lord despite the heaviness of the week.

834) Cooling rain
837) Mamaw Pace & the 10th anniversary of her death
839) A new way to display race medals
840) First night at the new place*
844) Means to give
845) Heart for those in need
851) Walk with Jay to our new picnic/make-out spot**
858) Jay doing dishes
863) Fun at work
864) I’m too slow to BQ (this year)
873) Jay & Daddy putting out a garden together
878) Candlelit prayer service
880) Richie & family safe
883) Opportunity to grow in knowledge

*No, we haven’t moved officially, but we have enough there to spend the night when its a more convenient location
**Depending on who you ask

What are some things for which you have been thankful this past week?