I’ve been busy working on my thankful list this past week! I’ve breezed through numbers 887-962!!!  Some have been trivial, others life-altering, but all things that have made me appreciate the blessings in my life.
889) Food ministry fiesta benefit (w/mom, dad, and jay) at the aquarium
891) Brave enough to try & enjoy the penguin tunnel (I’m claustrophobic)
899) Talking running/racing with clients at trophy wife dinner
909) Sleeping in!
912) Voice of the Martyrs app on my phone – believers willing to risk safety/life to follow Jesus
923) A generous spirit
938) Showing (x2) on the house
941) Hand-me-downs from a coworker of my sister’s
950) Parking my car in a garage for the first time in years
953) Jay letting me warm my cold feet on his warm legs
960) Jay fixing the headlight on my car
These are just a sampling of what I’ve been thankful for this past week. 
 How has God blessed you this week?