Over the past year, Jay & I have carried mortgage + insurance + taxes + water + electric + internet on 2 houses.  I’d be lying if I tried to pretend the thought of all those payments didn’t scare me.  Real Estate is a refined form of gambling, and I’m not the betting type.

Today the anxiety was put to rest.  We sat across the table from a young couple who will bring their first child into the world in a couple months, and will turn our guest room into a nursery.  As we signed the papers, we chatted about all the little things we’ve learned about the house these past 3 years. 

The tricky ceiling fan pull.
The rickety ladder leading into the attic.
The lemon yellow walls Jay painted for me, despite his feelings on the color.

I’m happy our first (non-rental) home went to someone who will love and appreciate it it.  Even more happy to have further proof of God’s provision.  As He has all along the way, He never let us stumble.  Jay worked hard, we paid the bills, and never had to stretch until it hurt.

Today on the way back to work from the closing, I saw a friend of my mother’s on the sidewalk.  This lady works as a cashier at McDonalds – driving her tricycle to and from work.  Unfortunately, our road infrastructure isn’t biker friendly, but she pedals with a smile upon her face.  I’d never noticed the license plate on the basket in the back until this afternoon: My God is bigger than all my problems.

Praise Him.