Tomorrow is my 33rd birthday.  I won’t pretend I’m old, or wise.  Sure I have a few “crowns of glory” poking their way through my scalp (Kelly does an excellent job plucking them as she sees them pop up), but I’m far from the rocking chair on the front porch.
Having said that…
For the past year, the faster my running becomes, the more I respect people who run slowly (including Super Boo, who ran her first half marathon in 2:44:5X).
Similarly, the more money Jay & I acquire, the more stuff we have, the more I realize life isn’t about those things.  While its certainly fun to have luxuries, the people with whom they are shared define the quality of life.
Its not the hot tub, but the friends who bring their suits when they visit.
Not the cupcake, but the family who joins you on the after-dinner dessert run.
Not the king sized bed, but the husband who spoons you while sleeping in it.
As Suze Orman puts it “People first, then money, then things.”  Here are just a few thankful items 1151-1220 for the past two weeks. 
1159) Running group members cheering me on at Expo 10K
1167) Friends to help w/the move
1178) New owners of the Farmhouse understanding
re: our needing trips finish up after closing
1181) Letting the Princess spend money on silly items at Dollywood
1190) Downhill @ Dawn – beautiful sunrise
1202) TV church Sunday morning w/Jay
1208) Co-worker’s veggie steamer
1211) Surprise lunch plans w/the ‘Rents
1217) John & Courtney’s Yellowstone slide show.
How has God blessed you in your relationships this past week?