Once again Jaime has twisted my arm (okay, so she just posted hers, making me want to join) into participating in Old School blogging over at The Miss Elaine-ous Life.

This month’s Elaine is encouraging us to show off our refrigerators.  Mine is a bit embarrassing, but I have a few things I love about it, so I really wanted to participate.
First up, the cool stuff. 
The interior side is home to my magnet collection and my first-aid flip chart.  The magnets are all gifts from imaginary (aka Internet) friends.  They either represent the state in which the friend lives, or else has a funny saying.  A friend of mine from South Carolina works for USC, and sent me a Gamecocks magnet from the college bookstore.  Another friend sent the “Marriage is finding that special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life” magnet. 
My father-in-law is in real estate.  One of his marketing tools is a first-aid flip charge with a magnet on the back.  Of course he doesn’t need to market to me, but its an quick reference in case of emergency. 

The other side has our calendar (also a marketing tool of the FIL that is handy for us).  Just above the calendar is a love note Jay left me several years ago, held up by a magnet I won in Ann’s giveaway.
My Love,
One more day till we own our first house!!
I love you!
Who knew when he said “first” he neglected to add “of many?!
I try to keep the front of the fridge clutter free, taking things down frequently.  Currently we have scrabble magnets spelling out our last name.  We also have up a recent picture of my cousin’s kid.  (No, I don’t normally have his face covered with a magnet :P)  Just below the picture is a thank you note.  To the right is a magnetic note pad my niece got me for Christmas.  Its got 7 lines, so typically I use it to write the meal plan for the week.  When I have a meal plan for the week.  You’ll note this week its empty.  Oops!
Now you’ve seen pictures, you probably know what the embarrassing part is.  Allow me to explain.  When Jay and I were in the process of moving, we lived in both houses for a while.  Depending on what we were doing in town, we stayed at the place most convenient.  We were at the new place a while before the door handles got installed on our fridge.
We had to open the fridge holding it by the top.  Stainless smudges so easily (I hate it, but Jay insists upon it), so we left the protective plastic coating on to protect it from palm prints.  We kinda got use to looking at it, and even after the handles were installed, we never bothered to remove the plastic. 
 I only ever think about it when someone new comes over and I have to explain it away.  I vow to myself I’ll remove it when they leave, only to forget until the next time.  What are the chances I’ll actually remember to do it this evening?
What’s on your fridge? 
Let me know if you blog it with pictures, I’d love to check them out!