This is the part where we pretend I’m making a point posting my thankful list on a day other than Thursday is to prove a point.  Thankfulness isn’t just a Thursday thing – its an all week thing.  (Especially when I get side tracked all day Thursday and don’t manage to get my list posted on time.)

the view on the way home from my latest trophy wife dinner

I would say its been a weird week – I’ve been tired, busy, and feel a little run down today.  Looking back over my list, however, I can’t help but think I earned it.  I certainly wouldn’t have done it any differently!  Some of the things include my thankful list numbers 1664-1690.

1666) Overcoming fear & trying a new recipe
1667) Recipe success!
1669) Going to the movies with the girls
1672) Bears in the cove
Can you see this little guy peeking over the leaves?
1675) Sleepover with the Princess
1676) Nails, makeup, and Teen Beach Movie
1678) Cookout with the fam
1679) Yankees/Red Sox game on the big screen
1682) Jesus Loves Me –> song
1683) Jesus Loves Me –> fact
1689) – Coworkers who care
1691) Swimming with the kiddos
1693) Big project planning @ work
Okay so this pic isn’t directly related with my thankful list, although a good night’s sleep is always something for which to be thankful.  The night before this picture was taken, I went to bed with my bangs hanging down as normal.  When I woke up, they were pushed back to this position.  Must have done a lot of tummy sleeping/wallering that night!!
What’s made your thankful list this past week?
Anything fun you’re looking forward to this weekend?