We all have those moments, where one thing is said but something completely different is heard/understood.  At least I think I’m not alone here – Amy, queen of the MisSeries will hopefully back me up on this one.

Like the time Jay fussed because I was playing too many Words with Friends rounds.  I defended myself “But I’m fighting off Alzheimers one game at a time.”

Months later he returned to the same complaint staying “In reality, how much do they donate for each game? A penny?”

Confused, I asked him to explain.  After all, WWF is a free game, and it certainly doesn’t pay anyone to play.  “You said they donated to Alzheimer’s every time you played.”

Um, no.

“I said I was fighting Alzheimers.  Meaning keeping my mind active.”


Today is one of those Murphy’s Law Mondays where everything is seemingly going wrong.  If I couldn’t laugh, I’d cry.  Hit me up in the comments with a similar story of how someone in your circle misunderstood what was said.