Since we don’t have kids (aka people to get away from) Jay and I don’t have official date nights.  We probably should, given his hermit tendencies, but that’s a blog for another day.

Last weekend when my sister’s kiddos were hanging out with my parents, they came by for a visit to enjoy the pool.  While there, my father mentioned this week being the last home series for the Tennessee Smokies – our local AA baseball team.

Back in the day, my dad use to take my sister and I to games all summer.  (My mom isn’t a fan, plus I think she liked having a night “off.”)  We’d watch the game, eat ice cream out of mini plastic helmets, then get autographs after the game.

He still goes just as frequently (if not more so) then ever, especially since they moved the stadium closer to our house.  Somehow I’ve managed to go all season without seeing a game.  Or least I had until last night. 

Jay wasn’t feeling well, but since last night’s game against the Mobile Bay Bears was the last home game of the regular season, he was a trooper and went any way.  Daddy’s baseball buddy has tickets right behind home plate, so we enjoyed some of the best seats in the house.

2 orders of nachos supreme, 1 chili dog, 3 cokes, and 3 ice cream helmets later, the Smokies pulled out a 4-2 victory.   I was in the bathroom for the home run (I miss all the good plays!), and the Bay Bears made a run for it, scoring their only 2 runs during the 9th inning.  End the end, we got to sing our victory song.