My life purpose statement is summed up in last month’s “Sharing Spoons” post:
I want to be the kind of person who does everything I can to make my life better.  I want to be a good/godly wife, living each moment to its fullest.  Medication (while sometimes necessary) can only take me so far.  There are choices I have to make for myself.  

Jamee held her link up last week, but a nasty virus had me out of the loop.  How fitting that illness kept me from writing a post about carrying for myself through chronic illness?  As I like to say, better late than pregnant, so 8 days late I submit to your my review for Sharing Spoons.

1.   Physical

Guilt free healthy eating – no calorie counting or food restriction.  Just good, nutritious foods in moderation. Splurges allowed.

I did well at the guilt free part, no counting or restriction in site.  Not sure I’d go so far as to say “nutrition” was the focal point of the month though.

**For September – I want to keep this up, but be more active about healthy choices.

2.   Mental/Emotional

meeting up with friends (or having people over) once a week

I stopped counting after 5 friends/social meet ups.  While I crave social interaction, I’m very good about getting it done.

**For September – My internist suggested counseling might help with depression/anxiety issue better long-term than treating the symptoms with medicine.  I’ve got an appointment later this month.  Was suppose to be last week, but I had to reschedule.  Infectious viruses aren’t respecters of mental health appointments.

3. Spiritual

 quiet walk/run alone with God (1 per week)

“Ish” is the best I can say for this one.  I found myself going out for quiet runs/walks, then getting distracted.

**For September – I’m joining a read along over at Marla’s blog, and the book choice is concerning social justice.  This will take lots of prayer to stick with it, and seek out practical applications.

 4.   Something fun

 think i would scare the nail tech if i went in for a pedi with my half-a-toenail?

Had an appointment for a mani/pedi/massage (Jay got me a gift certificate for my birthday I’ve yet to use) but I had to cancel it thanks to Mr. Virus.)

**For September – Reschedule and use that gift card!

 5.   BONUS – Get out of your comfort zone!

 I’m very lazy when it comes to doing my hair.  I’m donating it in honor of my cousin who was diagnosed with cancer last summer, and with this length/thickness its a cumbersome process.  HOWEVER i always feel good about myself when i take the time to fix it (instead of just scrunching it with gel).  for my bonus I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone and actually fix my hair once a week.
It felt nice to give a bit of effort to my hair.  It’ll feel even better when I cut this crap off!! 😛

**For September – Measure, schedule, and chop this nonsense!!