When I first considered adding Deeping the Soul for Justice by Bethany Hoang to my reading list (and Marla’s read along to my bloggy list), I didn’t think I had the emotional energy. 

Turns out, Hoang agrees with me.  The first chapter is all about seeking God.  The second chapter?  Carving out time for a Sabbath.  These are both things I desperately need, and chronically neglect.

Life is busy, and going to church alone is hard.  I’ve found myself entering a church building only a handful of times since we moved to the new place.  I’ll watch church on TV from the comfort of my couch, coffee in hand.  I sometimes stream church on my laptop, on my front porch overlooking the stream in my front yard. 

The result is the same, I spend an hour or so singing God’s praises, and receive a message from the Lord (via His preacher) on a topic that always seems to nail me right in the heart.

Only its not the same.  Sometimes I find myself, phone-in-hand playing a quick word (with a friend of course).  I occasionally press pause to get more coffee or ask Jay a question about how the rest of our day is going to play out.

I need more than a Sabbath day, I need the spirit of the Sabbath. 

Designated phone-free time each day.  A church home. 

Why do such simple things sound so unattainable?