scheduled – 3.5 mile run
actual – 3.5 mile

This was my 2nd run of the new plan, and it felt great.  The new plan has a whole lotta “junk” miles, which are the miles I enjoy most.  Reinforced why I love running so much.

***Left work early Tuesday for a follow-up with my allergist.  He gave me a cortisone inhaler for the fall.  My lung function was down enough for the nurse to mention it.  Between the fall allergens and the virus earlier in the month I didn’t have a chance!

scheduled – Total Body weights class
actual – Total Body

I haven’t done this class in over a month (before I got sick) so I knew it’d be tough getting back.  I went down on my weights, but was still sore for days (even feeling it in Saturday’s long run)

scheduled – 3 mile run
actual – 3 mile run

Only 2 days into my steroid inhaler, I already felt the benefit.  This was one of my strongest runs in a long time.  Felt good to go fast with little effort.

scheduled – rest
actual – rest
scheduled – 12 mile run/5 mile run
actual – 12 mile run/5 mile run
Met up with Johnny for my morning 12 and it felt great to long run with a buddy again.  I only took 2 gels instead of my standard 3.  Still felt good at this slow easy pace.
Saturday evening, my Ragnar team got together for a night run to test out our gear.  Legs were tired and the air was super humid, but overall it was a good run.
scheduled – rest
actual -rest
scheduled – 3.5 mile run
actual – 3.1 mile run
Due to the threat of rain, I left my music in my gym bag and ran this one with only the thoughts in my head.  At one point, I allowed them to get me down.  I planned to quit at mile 2, but by the time I circled back around, I had managed to overcome the negativity. 
My wellness assessment for work was done before this run, so I was running short on time.  After 5K I called it.
This weekend is 5th half marathon of the year, and I’ve got mixed feelings about it.  I’m still down on myself (useless as it may be) for the time I’ve lost training due to being sick.  I’m excited, however, about the prospect of cool race temperatures.  Also, the leaves are starting to turn a bit here.  Since we’ll be traveling a bit north for the race, I have high hopes for the scenery to be beautiful.