On my long run last weekend, the subject of my anniversary came up.  Those of you who’ve ran with a buddy before know how it goes – one topic leads to another which leads to another.  My 5th wedding anniversary is right around the corner.  I’m hoping the government gets back up and running by then – we were married in the National Park and would love to have a romantical picnic near “our” church.

Right…so any way, I was talking about running rabbit trails.  And my marriage.  I described us as being married such a short time we’re still sappy but together long enough that we annoy the hell out of one another too. 

As I prepare for this weekend’s half marathon (and the 7th anniversary of meeting my husband), I think this same description works for my relationship with running as well.  I love it – some of my favorite life moments are when I’m out on a run.  But running & I are familiar enough to drive me batty.

This weekend, I was reminded of my love for my darling love when he and I went for a drive into the National Park.  (Don’t worry, we didn’t break any federal laws – and I plan to blog about how the Government shutdown has affected the Great Smoky Mountains.)

Likewise, I plan on taking this coming weekend as a bit of a renewal of my running love.  I’ll be traveling with a couple running buddies for the race.  While we’re there, the plan is to meeting up with a twitter running buddy for the first time IRL.  The scenery should be beautiful, especially considering the time of year.  Kentucky’s horse farms are gorgeous, especially with the assistance of the autumn leaf colors.

Here’s where I need your help.  I need a Bible verse as my race verse to write on my arm.  What’s your favorite verse or your life verse?  Also, when you’re struggling to get out of your own head on a run, what are the most successful tactics you’ve used?