Count this as yet another “Is October here already?” posts. 
Time to review my September goals and set more for (what’s left) of this month. 

1.   Physical

Guilt free healthy eating – no calorie counting or food restriction.  Just good, nutritious foods in moderation. Splurges allowed.

Still meh on this one.  I find myself (out of exhaustion) falling back on old favorites.  I need to explore the world of food and find new, exciting, and healthy foods!

 For October – Try at least 1 new recipe each week. 


2. Mental/Emotional

 My internist suggested counseling might help with depression/anxiety issue better long-term than treating the symptoms with medicine. 

 Finally made it to my appointment.  First I had a virus and had to reschedule.  Then I was out of town for Jay’s Pawpaw’s funeral.  Third time was a charm.  She seemed just as confused about my Internist’s desire for me to come off my medication. 

 For October – Set goals for sessions. 


3. Spiritual

 I’m joining a read along over at Marla’s blog, and the book choice is concerning social justice.  This will take lots of prayer to stick with it, and seek out practical applications.

 I’m still reading along, but my participating is half-hearted.  I’ve got so many things in my head right now, and how to help others is last on my list.  *sigh*

 For October – Find a way to live it out, instead of just reading about ways to serve God. 


4.   Something fun

Reschedule mani/pedi/massage (Jay got me a gift certificate for my birthday I’ve yet to use).

FAIL – I tried to reschedule, but dude on the phone was less than helpful.  He seemed confused.  After 10 minutes on the phone, I gave up and decided to call back later.  Still haven’t done that.
For October – Just do it!


 5.   BONUS – Get out of your comfort zone!

Hair cut/donation – and done!

For October – Ragnar Relay

I love running.  I love being social. Ragnar is a perfect fit, right?  However, I’m terrified of dogs, and running through Podunk, Tennessee there is always the potential of being approached by one.  Time to punch fear in the face and kick booty!!