No, I haven’t taken up yoga.  Its a bit of a stretch to call what I did this past week “training.”  I need a plan, or else things start to go to crap.  I suppose I could consider this a rest before I begin my big training at the beginning of the year.  Mostly I just feel lazy.

Planned ~ Interval run
Actual ~ Girls lunch
Chips & salsa curls it is!

Planned ~ Easy run
Actual ~ Shopping!
Took my dad to the doctor for his total knee replacement follow up surgery, and ended up Christmas shopping afterward.

Planned ~ 4 mile run
Actual ~ 4 mile run
Felt speedy on this one!

Planned ~ nada
Actual ~ nada

Planned ~ 12 mile run
Actual ~ 10 mile run
Met up with the training group and caught 4, then me and a buddy went out to grab a few more miles.  This coming week is her first half, so she didn’t want to over do it.

Planned ~ nada
Actual ~ nada

Planned ~ total body
Actual ~ nada
Jay was in town, so he took me out to lunch.

So yeah, the half this weekend will be interesting.