I feel like I’m writing part 2 of a novel before part 1, given that I’ve never blogged about my Ragnar Relay experience. Partly because the fun and excitement were over 2 months away and partly because I don’t feel like I can do the experience justice.

For now, just know it was super-cool-awesome and I love all the girls from my van. Of course I knew a couple of them before Ragnar, but it was fun to get to know the other girls a bit better. Also the spontaneous mixed perfectly with the exacting/organized personalities meaning we had both googley eyes and prompt arrival times. Talk about win/win/win!

Since the relay, a few of us have gotten together here and there – the Halloween pub run, Saturday runs, and the KTC Socialite Christmas party. Unfortunately, all 6 of us haven’t been able to get together…until this past weekend.

We decided several weeks ago to run the Santa Hustle 5K together. We all signed up and paid our registration fee (quite steep for that distance, although fun goodies are a part of the package). Then 2 of our van-mates were put on the DL for injuries. Our run became a walk, but the show went on!

We discussed matching socks (we all wore orange across the Ragnar finish line) but with temps in the low 30s, we decided it would be too cold for our socks to be seen.

Well at least some of us did! The first stop along the way was candy! Shot cups of mini m&ms. 

Cups up ladies!

The Cookie Monster made an appearance at the race as well. Some *cough Kelly cough* tried to eat all the cookies. Just know that Santa is watching!!

love the WTH look the lady on the far right is giving us
Saw a coworker at the turn around and gave him crap for not running. Oops, I mean participating…
Then it was time to hit the candy and cookies again!!
Certainly no PRs were set on Sunday, but fun was had by all. We even discussed our next outing – if our social coordinator would put down her cookies long enough to set up the Facebook invite.