Lots of work goes into making Christmas the most joyous time of year. Stockings are hung.
Trees are decorated. Ribbons, lights, and garland work to make the day merry and bright.

For some, the shopping begins after Thanksgiving.
Others shop a little at a time all year long.
Still others wait until the last minute.

 Is it the 24th already?
Then there is the food prep – peeling, thawing, baking.
Different families have different traditions, but most all involve some sort of food. 
In my family, there is no shortage of food and dessert.  

But what happens when Christmas isn’t all its cracked up to be?
When all the gifts are open, food is consumed,
and all that’s left is the dread of dealing with the aftermath?
The trash bag full of ripped up paper, the dishes in the sink waiting to be scrubbed,
 the decorations that can’t find their way back into the box without your help.

Whether its too high expectations, or too low effort, sometimes Christmas is a disappointment.
Right now I just want it to be over. I’ve asked Jay to take the decorations down while I’m at work.
I read a blog yesterday comparing distance running and Christmas.
(I’d share the link if I could find it.)
Using that comparison, I definitely have the post-race blues.
I hoped for a PR and didn’t get it.
I wanted a magical memory, but instead felt let down.
Trust me, I know how good I have it.
 I understand this “less than” feeling is nothing more than a symptom of a charmed, first-world life.
People have real problems. Yet somehow I can get this nagging question out of my mind.
Christmas is over. Now what?