New Years most always finds me in my jammies, in the home of my favorite sister. This year was no exception. I took a couple days off work to add an extra day for our belated weekend Christmas with Jay’s family (Friday night thru Monday) and for our New Years with my big sis + crew (Monday night through Wednesday).

My niece loves to play spa, and her New Year’s prices were right so I indulged in a $5 total spa package. Foot rub, foot rub with lotion, foot soak, manicure, back massage, ear lobe massage (not sure where she came up with this one), and back massage with electrical massager. When the massager sparked and burnt a hole in her fleece, perhaps we should have taken it as foreshadowing of what was to come.


For $0.25 a pop, my niece and nephew fought over the chance to fetch me blankets, coffee, or pretty much whatever I asked for. The Princess even solicited Jay’s help in earning $0.50 for carrying me into the other room.

Early in the evening, my nephew decided to flip the child-sized rocking chair and use it as a see-saw and slide. At one point he took a hard shot to the rib cage, falling into the butt end of the rocking arc. After getting a band-aid, he assured me “Jesus heals people in their sleep” and that he would be okay.


A coffee mug my mother had brought back from Atlantic City got dropped and the handle broken. Both Jay and my sister were nearby when it happened, and Kelly took the blame.


We went out shopping late afternoon so Jay could use the gift card to a local specialty beer store. He ended up with 10 different kinds, drawn more towards the look of the bottle than the actual beer inside. (He has an empty collection big enough to make someone want to ship him off to AA.)

My sister needed to go to Wal-Mart while we were out to pick up a couple things for dinner, so we grabbed a movie from the Redbox machine on our way out the door.  My brother-in-law had been wanting to see World’s End and it was in stock. lists its description as Five friends who reunite in an attempt to top their epic pub crawl from 20 years earlier unwittingly become humankind’s only hope for survival.


My sis had posted questions my niece wanted answered on Facebook and Twitter, and after dinner we played Family Feud. My sister was the host and helped them cheat. I’m convinced that’s the only way we were beaten by 2 people under the age of 10 (& my BIL)! Then of course there was the game of Clue, but after 15 minutes, I cheated and brought the game to a screeching halt.


We watched the part of the movie, had a countdown toast, then finished up the movie. BLAH BLAH BLAH. Let’s fast forward to the good part, shall we?

I’m not sure who started it. Maybe the 9 year old wanted to prove how strong she is? Eventually everyone took a turn “flying.” Some (like BIL & Jay above) couldn’t maintain it for more than a second or two. My sister was the only one brave enough to give the 200 pounder a shot at airtime, proving she is a power-house of leg strength.


Finally it was BJay’s turn to show off. Cause we’re awesome/fearless/stupid like that. I got some great airtime – Jay was able to balance me for what felt like a long time without any hand holding.

Then, it happened.

I’ll make you soar,” my darling love proclaimed as he used his feet to propel me up. Instead of gracefully landing on my feet as he’d anticipated, I came crashing down on my ass.

And my ass came crashing down on the computer I’d left on the floor.

And the computer went crashing into the whiskey glass on the floor beside it.

And the whiskey glass smashed into the wooden chest beside it.

And my hand went down to the ground to brace my fall, my wrist finding a couple shards.

And my wrist bled like a stuck pig onto my sister’s light-colored carpet.

Jesus must have healed me overnight like the 5 year old said, 
cause this picture taken the next day makes it barely look like a paper-cut.

And that, kids, is the story of how Aunt Boo claimed Uncle Jay’s new iPad mini with nary protest.