As with everything in life, my thankful list has its own ebb and flow. Sometimes I can write dozens of blessings per day. Other times I have to look back over the past month and remember what happened.

I’m currently trying to pull myself out of the slacker end of things. 9 days in, and this is my first thankful post of the new year. My goal is to sit down every evening to write in my 1,000 gifts journal and also post a handful of those things each Thursday.

In my last post of the year, I shared #2145. I’m presently at 2225. I try to focus on gifts of time spent with those I love, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t count the items I received under the Christmas tree as blessings.

2147) Church library books
2157) Christmas eve snow
2158) Running in the snow
2164) Christmas lunch with friends
2172) Healthy blood work numbers
2180) Christmas eve steak dinner tradition

(The list got jumbled as I was recounting a week after the events happened. Not everything happened in order as its listed, but rather as I remembered to be thankful.)

2192) Visiting with Jay’s WV relatives at the barn/house they are building in the country.
2193) Homemade blackberry wine
2194) Old timer stopping by for a chat.
2202) Errands for $0.25 – from the Princess & Little Man
2204) Princess’s spa treatment
2207) Cheese roll-up dance – Little Man & I acting silly
2210) Broken glass – Jay not injured
2211) Jesus healing me overnight 

2215) Rental guest book entries —> people enjoying their stay at our cabin 
2217) Dunkin Donuts after church with Mother
2218) Snow!!

2220) Safety + no power loss + no frozen pipes during snow/sub-zero temps
2222) Trying (and enjoying) new class at the gym
2224) iPad mini!!

What do you have to be thankful for so far this year??