In the Pinterest age, it seems as if everyone is trying their hand at projects. What’s a girl who’s craftiness peaked at Kindergarten to do?

The turkey I made for my darling last Valentine’s, when he requested I spend $0.00 on his gift
My passion is for the writing. For all of our sakes, I sure hope I’m better with words than construction paper and glue! I have 2 people to whom I hand-write letters once a month. Some months are more of a challenge than others. This past month, I struggled to find make the time to write my cousin a letter. I ended up with a one-pager, but added it in a cute Valentine’s themed card.
Where does a Pinterest #Fail like me get such cute cards? The Dancing Elephant! These 3 girls (along with their parents) have a heart for Cambodia. The money they raise from their cards, magnets, and other designs go to helping children over there.
For the sake of transparency, I want to state outright: I’m not getting compensated for this blog. They didn’t even ask me to write it. I just love the work they do, and admire the reason they do it! The rave reviews don’t end with me!

Now I have a new problem – how do I confess to my cousin that middle school girls have more skill and creativity than me?