Last year, I set a goal for myself to read 75 books in the year. I fell behind late in the fall. I lost track of counting, and realized my error a couple days before December 31st. Rounding out the year with 72 books, I decided to tackle 75 for 2014.
Enter this book: 
Despite having the recommendation of my sister’s 6th grade class, The Book Thief felt like wading through molasses. I liked his style of writing, but couldn’t pin down why I wasn’t enjoying the read. It wasn’t a difficult selection, there was just nothing drawing me back.
When I finally finished it (after 2 whole months), I was put off reading for a while. While I have Divergent in my possession, I hesitate to read it. The recommendation came the same was as The Book Thief did. Everyone who reads it loves it. But what if I don’t?
I’m very thankful to have access to 2 libraries – the local public library as well as my church library. While all too often “Christian” fiction is a genre made up of people who couldn’t cut it in the secular world, there are a few authors I love. Terri Blackstock, Dee Henderson, and Ted Dekker each write books I devour when given the opportunity.
Recently, my mother found a couple of novels of theirs we have yet to read. Yesterday I was home sick (just the sniffles) and devoured not one, but two novels. I don’t like characters and plots getting jumbled in my head, so I didn’t start a third. But given that both were done before 4, I was bored the rest of the day. 
Even still, I’m a bit behind. I returned a Carl Hiassen to the library today and have Jane Green on deck next. Of course still in the pile from my last trip to the library is Sue Grafton. 
I’ve got plenty of vacation time built up (and a workaholic husband I can’t convince to get away with me), so maybe I’ll take several days off this summer to read by the pool. 

Any fast/light/enjoyable books recommendations for me?