Since my last race, I’ve felt lackluster about training. Sure I earned a nice, shiny new PR. HOWEVER I was a couple of minutes off my goal race time. I felt like all the hard work and consistency I had put in leading up to the race was for nothing.

The local race calendar is full of shorter distance runs – 10K being the longest. This translates into lots of speed work on the plan. I’m not sure what genius thought fast running in the humid/hot summer months was a good idea.




In previous years, I’ve trained for triathlons – but after the flat tire coming out of T1 a couple of years ago, I’m unmotivated to train for those either.


So, what’s a runner to do? Right now on the schedule I’m doing weight training 3 days a week – glorious air conditioning! The plan is to run Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday. And perhaps another easy run doubled up on a weights day.

Fast running is extra difficult in the humidity, but just doing easy runs all the time seems boring. There are also 2 goals for the year that would require me not giving up – PRs at every distance AND 1,000 miles logged for the year.

How do you train through it? 
When is it time to take a break from training to prevent burnout?