A few weeks ago, I wrote about the fear that comes when security is questioned. Full disclosure: If I could buy anything, guaranteed security would be it. Since that doesn’t exist, I must question how  the goals we have in life, and how we can best achieve them.
I do not want stuff (or the quest for) to consume me. This doesn’t come from a boastful heart. My struggle with anxiety coupled with claustrophobia manifests in my hatred of nick-knacks.  I don’t like tight spaces. When I see people with cluttered houses, a very real fear wells up inside me. 
Several members of my family (and friends) would disagree. These kitschy items make their home more personalized. As a child, dusting was one of my chores. My mother had (and still does) the shelves on the piano lined with little trinkets. Every week it was my job to move them, wipe the surface down, and replace them.
If I were more noble, I would have a distaste for clutter and the accumulation of stuff in an attempt to serve others. (Like Marla. Are y’all sick of me blogging about thoughts inspired by her yet?)
We live in a resort location. I want my home to be open to friends who are in town. I want my family to feel comfortable dropping in. The less stuff we have, the easier it is to clean, the more welcome people are. Or at least in my mind.
Recently, I decided I needed to get rid of bath towels. After all, how many towels can one couple use? But in my zeal for order and tidiness, do I overlook ways that keeping items would also serve others?
This weekend, I had guests galore. Friday night, a few of my girlfriends spent the night – one brought her husband along. Between the hot tub, pool, and morning showers, we went through plenty of towels.Thankfully I hadn’t gotten around to the purge yet. I only have 2 beach towels, so the bath towels were in high demand!
After they left, I had about an hour to wash sheets and towels as well as clean up the kitchen before my family arrived – 6 strong. I felt bad texting them to bring their own beach towels, but I knew we’d all be headed back to the pool. The little man was sleeping over, so I was thankful for the 3rd set of king sized sheets I have, so that I could make the bed while the linens were still in the laundry room.
The point of all this rambling? Sometimes a family of 2 really does need 20 bath towels. My life is very different from Marla‘s. I shouldn’t covet her minimalistic life any more than she should covet the square footage of my house. 

Finding joy in what I have, both possessions and life experiences, is key to reaching this seemingly illusive prize.
I am blessed, far beyond what I recognize. 
For the blessings unseen, unnamed – today I am thankful.