Yesterday I blogged about volunteering for the Fireball 5K last week. I didn’t add any pictures because the story wasn’t about me. The race story is all hers. The blessings, however, are mine.

Before the race, a couple of my friends and I met up to get ready. Hair, make-up, the whole 9 yards. Not sure how those girls rocked the make-up and I ended up looking like a “zombie prostitute” as my friend Kelly so lovingly worded it.


We had pre-race photo ops a-plenty. (These are the same dudes I got a picture of 2 years ago dressed as the Avengers.)

My marathon training partner Amy (tie dyed shirt, blue skirt) raced the 5K, as well as plenty of other KTC Socialite teammates.

For my Ragnar van-mates turned friends, for my KTC Socialite teammates, for the coworker who follows me around everywhere:

today I am thankful.