How weird are the texts you receive out of context? I’m borrowing this idea from someone else (who I’d identify if I could remember) – post text snippets, starting with the most recent.


Um. Okay so that was boring. Let me try person #2, text #2:

I love you * death!!

*I think she forgot the “to”
Person #3

How convenient you missed the lesson on honoring your parents.

Yes, very convenient. Cause at the pool my dad smarted off about not carrying what I thought. I, ever so respectfully retorted: Old man I got 2 words for ya – nursing home!
On to person #4 (my favorite number and my sometimes favorite person):

My wife is 69% awesome according to this Facebook linked poll. Jason P’s wife is 90% awesome. But I think he lied in the questions. Or must have! You would have been less than that, but I gave uou* the benefit of the doubt on a couple questions that could have gone either way!

*typo his
AHEM. Moving right along to #5

No she told papaw that night to finish and get s shower

Number 6:

oh ok

Friend of few words. On the phone. Definitely not in person.
#7 – Definitely a runner friend: 

 I’ve already pooped twice.
And I don’t think I’m done.


Okay I decided that I’m parking at Dunkin’ Donuts


OK, be careful

 And finally number 10:

Shoulda brought my gin

Now your turn!
 Go to the 4th person in your text list
 and post the 4th most recent message they’ve sent you.