Once again it’s time to bear the inner crevices of this mind of mine and link up with Jaime for SOC Sunday.

A friend blogged about the song “Brave” this week, I just now saw it, and now I’ve got it stuck in my head. Fitting, no? “Let the words fall out”

Big plans these next few days, I’m excited about all of it. My sisters kiddos are in town. We had fun last night riding bikes around the garage, pretending we were dinosaurs on motorcycles. At 6, he’s still gotta lot of kid in him. The Princess is 10, and very much like an adult so I think I am harder on her. She painted my nails and I found myself wanting to tell her how to do it right. She isn’t even an official “tween” not sure why I forget that. She just seems so grown up I guess.

Today is white water rafting, tomorrow jump jam for an adult friends birthday. I love people who refuse to grow old in spirit. Tuesday is the C.A.R.E. Card ministry at church, the Thursday is another night at the track. Hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze in dinner with the kiddos on Wednesday.

Jay’s leg still isn’t 100%, so much of this fun he can’t join me for. But he’s often a stick in the mud, so I don’t know if he would any way. Oop, there is the alarm. The Imperial March. My 5 minutes are up, for this week at least.

The more the merrier! I hope you’ll take 5 minutes and join us!