My bookworm aunt passed a Nelson DeMille along to me. Despite the 600+ pages, I was encouraged by the smart-mouthed nature of the lead character. Had I found my new favorite author? After 200 pages, I had a good handle on the characters and setting, yet somehow I wasn’t drawn to the book. As with earlier in the year, the absence of a plot was a glaring omission in this book.

What’s a girl in a reading slump to do? Head to the library of course!!! I picked up several books in the adult section, but ended up walking out the one pictured above.

With talks of A Wrinkle in Time movie making their rounds, I decided to check out a middle school favorite. Its been years since I read the book. I couldn’t find it, but instead picked up a few other classics.

I know nothing about my final two selections. As I was wandering the stacks, the titles jumped out at me. I’m excited to see what they are like. At the very least they are guaranteed to be quick/easy reads!

What do you have holding your bookmark these days??